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About Us

The church was established in 1936 in the northern portion of Anderson, Indiana. It was located at the crossroads of Broadway and Webster streets.

North Anderson Wesleyan Church was first formed under the name North Anderson Tabernacle Association. The church was formed during the year 1946 by Rev. Keith Mendenhall and the first families. The church began humbly enough in a back room of a building that was sold to Rev. Mendenhall, located next to the Pasch sometime during the years of 1936-1940, the church moved from this location, which was a block north and across the street, to the location of 2202 Broadway, Anderson, IN, which would be its home location until 2005. In 2005, the church moved to its present location at 1947 East 240 North, Anderson, IN. 

North Anderson Tabernacle Association became North Anderson Pilgrim Holiness Church in 1950 when they merged with the Pilgrim Holiness Church. In 1968, when the Pilgrim Holiness Church and the Wesleyan Methodist Church united, the church became known as North Anderson Wesleyan Church.


A place where people feel at home and accepted by the church and God. A place to feel oneself and free to express it. A place of family and love.


NAW Church invites people into the doors no matter their background or past. This is a home of love and Lord. 


Come join in the way of life. We are all broken but are all seen perfect in the eye of the Father.

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