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Step 1: Pause

     Spend a few moments in prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to guide and direct your reading of the Bible. Read with an open heart and listen for any words of direction, encouragement, or correction. 


Step 2: Read

     Read the Scripture for the day. While you read, write down, underline, or highlight any words, phrases, or verses that you sense God is speaking to you about. 


Step 3: Write

     Get a notebook or journal.  On a fresh page write the date, scripture reference and page number at the top, and then go through the four-step process of journaling to reflect your thoughts. 


  1. Write out the verse or passage of Scripture that the Holy Spirit has shown you for that day.  Include the reference. 

  2. Look at the surrounding context of the verse(s) you selected and write down any observations. Try to explain the passage in your own words. 

  3. Ask how the verse(s) might apply to your life. What is God calling you to do or to remember as a result?  What is your next step and how can you be obedient?

  4. Write out a closing prayer. Use this final section to speak back to God a request or commitment. 


Finish your journal entry by giving it a short title at the top and then transfer the date, scripture reference, title and page number to the table of contents. (This can be optional)


Step 4: Pray

     Conclude your time by praying for what you have written and for anyone who needs to surrender to God. 

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