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The Greenhouse

What is the Greenhouse?

      The Greenhouse is an all ladies group, a place to grow together and be in community together. 

How to join the Greenhouse?

     The Greenhouse is an online resource currently housed on Facebook:          


What to expect in the Greenhouse?

     1. Rooted in Community! This group is for all women from young to old, we strive to create a place that meets you right where you are in life. While we don't shy away from the hard stuff of life, we also don't shy away from the good times.

     2. Foster Vulnerability!  The heart of the Greenhouse is to provide an environment for women to connect, share, and be in community, and vulnerability is a huge part of that! Sharing the ups and downs in life and in faith creates a better community and allows us to be in life together. We want to hear all the stories from depression, loneliness, heartbreak, identity crisis, and pain.  

     3. Christ-Centered Community! The primary reason for the Greenhouse is to create a community rooted in Christ. We want to launch, grow and sustain a Christ-center community. We want to provide the opportunity for women to come together throughout their journey!


The Greenhouse Bible Study Coming Soon...

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